About Us

Company Profile

AMT is one of the leading companies in the field of hosting, designing and developing websites and managing servers on the Internet. AMT has been working in this field since 2001 and has provided its services with the latest technology. We are an official company licensed by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Based in Makkah, the 7-day working hours of 24 hours, includes a homogeneous team at the highest level of service, our constant slogan is quality and efficiency in work which we believe is the key factor in supporting our future growth.

Company Objective

We strive to keep pace with the development to ensure that we maintain the quality of service we offer to our valued customers. With God's help, we offer you all the means to ensure your website remains unique. We make every effort to provide every customer with high quality products and services. We strive for continuous improvement, efficiency and accuracy as a basis for excellence, We are keen to satisfy our customers. Listen to their requests and understand their expectations. We strive to exceed their expectations in price and quality of service.

Future vision

We strive to develop our services and products to the satisfaction of our customers. We put our customers' needs in mind, achieve what they want, set our future plans and their desires. We believe that we are part of them and interact with all their aspirations and aspirations. We always look forward to the future with years of experience.