Why AMT Web Hosting?

AMT is one of the leading companies in the field of web hosting. It uses the latest technologies and best servers to guarantee the speed and security of the hosted sites.
AMT also offers multiple plans to meet the requirements of all types of sites ranging from large sites to even small sites.
In addition to the professional technical support service that is professional and fast and able to solve the problems of sites in a record time based on a team of distinguished experts.

What types of web hosting?
Hosting types vary depending on the nature and size of the hosted site.
AMT offers different types to suit all types and requirements of websites.

  • Hosting companies

AMT provides world-class hosting with state-of-the-art technology.
In an unprecedented precedent in the field of Arab hosting, Light Speed ​​technology was introduced in the company's servers. Most hosts use Apache and ngix.
Light Speed ​​technology is fast, reliable and reliable.

  • Shared Hosting

It is a hosting for relatively small sites and the company provides these hosting different plans and prices to suit all requirements.

  • Windows Hosting

Hosting Windows Server 2012, which guarantees a strong and secure hosting and provides the company plans and prices to suit all needs.

  • Servers / servers

The company offers the types and prices of servers and servers with multiple plans to suit the various needs of customers with the availability of additional services.

  • Virtual Servers - VBS

The company provides server servers, not office servers, which are fast and flexible and ensure you to manage your business with the highest standards of strength and speed.

The company offers numerous plans and additions to suit all needs.